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Lymantria Dispar Beta

After several weeks of work on Lymantria Dispar, we are turning in our "Beta State". After our pitch, our team was expanded by two members, making the new roster; one producer: Ryan Murphy, one programmer: Nicholas Eckstein, one artist: Max Laudenslager, and two designers: Genevieve Guimond (a narrative designer) and myself (a systems designer).

This game underwent a complete graphical overhaul thanks to the tireless work of Max Laudenslager. It's narrative was created and developed by Genevieve Guimond, who also created the UI elements for the game. Nearly any change that Genevieve or I wanted to make to the game was either implemented by Nicholas Eckstein or made possible by tools that he created for us. Ryan Murphy kept this small team efficient and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty with art or QA. I am so proud of this team for our progress on this game.

Lymantria Dispar Alpha: Image
Lymantria Dispar Alpha: Pro Gallery
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