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Poultry Questions Prototype


Poultry Questions is a narrative driven puzzle-adventure game centered around the relationship between a man and a goose. The main themes of the game are death, deception and morality (how pretentious). 


Poultry Questions takes place in a two dimensional world in which the player can move left and right to encounter different scenes. Each world is split up into several different screens that make up the entirety of a world. 


This sequence initiates the main gameplay of Poultry Question in which the player encounters and answers various questions from the goose. Often these questions are about the crazy characters that the goose meets on his journey and these characters situations in relation to the nature of life. Many of the questions within the game can be answered in different ways and these answers will change the outcome of the game. Player’s can choose to answer questions in very easy ways that don’t require much effort or attempt to use more complex solutions. Some questions can be answered by completed minigames and others can be completed just by talking to certain characters


Occasionally the player will encounter minigames that they will need to complete in order to answer a question or progress the story. One example of this would be when the player has obtained all of the necessary pieces that are required to fix the main character’s pickup truck. The player will have to complete a puzzle esque minigame to actually attach all of the pieces to the right part of the truck. Not all minigames with in the game must be completed, some of them are optional and might give the player some sort of rewards. An example of this would be in the Boardwalk level wherein the player is able to play a rhythm minigame with the musician to earn money that can be spent throughout the game.  

Vertical Slice:

The story opens with a brief mini-game that bears resemblance to the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt wherein, the main character who is a hunter shoots and kills two geese in the woods. Immediately after killing the geese, the hunter walks into frame and the player is able to control the hunter, picking up the geese and bringing them to the hunter’s cabin. A following cutscene either heavily implies, or explicitly shows that the hunter eats the geese and one night passes. The next morning, as the hunter is fixing their pickup truck, they are approached by a young goose who then proceeds to ask “Where are my parents?”

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